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  Packing Tips From the Pros



  If you have to sit on your suitcase to zip it, well, there really is a better way. Just follow this three-step plan on what to bring, how to fold, and where to (phew!) fit it all in。


  Step 1: Decide what you’re taking. And, just as important, what you’re not. These guidelines will help, whether you’re bound for a beach or a boardroom。


  Follow a simple formula. Pack three tops for every bottom. Generally, pants and skirts take up more room than shirts, and when you wear them multiple times, no one is the wiser, says Justin Klosky, the founder of the Los Angeles–based organizational-consulting company O.C.D. Experience. A weeklong trip, he says, shouldn’t require more than six tops, one pair of pants, one pair of shorts, one dress, and three bras。


  Stick to a color scheme. “Start with two neutrals for your core basics and add two to three fun shades that coordinate,” advises Alan Krantzler, the senior vice president of brand management at Tumi, a travel brand. A dark palette hides stains and easily sails from day to night. If that feels too uptight for your jaunt to Margaritaville, try a breezy mix of white, navy, red, teal, and pale yellow。


  Step 2: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Lighten your load further with multitaskers—which don’t have to be those girl-explorer zip-off cargo pants. T-shirt dresses, leggings, tunics, and maxis take you 凤凰彩票娱乐平台(5557713.com) from sightseeing to dinner. Let yoga pants moonlight as pj’s, or use your cover-up in place of a robe. New York City–based designer Yigal Azrou?l favors sarongs,because you can tie them multiple ways as a cover-up or a stylish wrap at night。


  Choose fabrics wisely. Blends containing nylon, elastane, or polyester beautifully resist wrinkling. Prefer something more natural? You’ll have the most luck with wool, Lyocell, or modal. Cotton mixed with polyester or spandex will also hold up better than 100 percent cotton。


  Step 3: Roll It, Fold It, or Bundle It. Rolling and folding are classic expert-packer methods; bundling is advanced—but ingenious. The best option depends on the type of garment and the luggage you’re carrying it in。


  How to Roll


  Pants: Fold pants in half lengthwise so that the back pockets face outward. Roll tightly from the cuffs to the waistband。


  A Straight Skirt or Dress: If the dress has sleeves, first fold each sleeve backward. Fold the entire garment in half lengthwise. Roll from the bottom hem up。


  A Winter Down Jacket: Zip it, then roll it the same way you would a top, trying to squeeze as much air out of it as possible as you go. Secure it tightly with string or large rubber bands so that it doesn’t come undone. Slip it into a pillowcase and you’ve even got a germ-free headrest for the plane。